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How to Survive in a Competitive World

How to Survive in a Competitive World
And for God's sake, if you don't understand and agree with every word, don't sign it. Related: Quit Trying to Be Like Steve Jobs. Negotiate in … There's an ancient proverb: “May you live in interesting times.” It sounds like a blessing but, in …
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Pat Robertson Puts The 'Jew' In 'Jeweler'
They didn't actually come right out and call for an end to our anti-Biblical child labor laws, but if you want to be a nation that honors God, you'll get rid of concepts that don't exist in ancient Hebrew — which sort of makes us wonder why Rabbi …
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April Fool's isn't a religious holiday, but there are some religious roots
Even though the annual panoply of pranks meant to mock the gullible or to send a friend on a “fool's errand” may not be grounded in any ancient religious merrymaking, the notion of “holy fools” does have a long and respected place in Judeo-Christian …
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